Mcafee Antivirus

What can McAfee Anti-Virus software accomplish?

There are a myriad of functions both of McAfee’s Anti-Virus products provide. There are two different programs to investigate, McAfee Internet Security Suite and McAfee Virus Scan. McAfee Internet Security Suite actually includes McAfee Virus Scan and therefore expands on the more basic of the two programs.  In considering which of these is most appropriate, there are a number of factors.

As McAfee Virus Scan is included McAfee Internet Security Suite, the two programs obviously share all of VirusScan’s functions. As a form of McAfee Anti-Virus software, this program defends personal files, and recognizes spyware and adware, and habitually updates itself. It also scans and eliminates viruses and suspected virus threats from the hard-drive, along with preventing an infected PC from spreading viruses to other PCs.

McAfee Internet Security Suite allows one not only protect their PC files, but works to recognize spyware and adware programs, making it more difficult for hackers to attack your computer. Security Suite also incorporates implements which filter through and help to eliminate and prevent unwanted Internet traffic from running on your computer, corrupted e-mails from infecting and affecting your documents and programs, helps to reduce pop-ups and advertisements. This program even provides manners to digitally destroy documents and offers automatic updates to the McAfee virus detecting and protection software already installed on a computer.

What computers should be using McAfee Anti-Virus software?

Generally speaking, PCs, as opposed to Macs, are far more susceptible to viruses and the destructive codes created by hackers and transmitted from computer to computer. Due to this vulnerability, many companies have created software to help combat spyware, adware, pop-ups, and corrupted files that could destroy irreplaceable files. Certainly not every computer is going to be a virus target, however, with the advent of spyware and adware, manners in which a computer may be infected have expanded and increased, making anti-virus software, such as McAfee Anti-Virus, an essential program on any PC.

Furthermore, as more computers use dual-processors (both Mac and PC processors in one computer, such as the Intel Dual Processor now in the MacBook Pro) those computers formerly considered less susceptible, will face similar problems if they are required to run in a Windows format. For this reason, these computers should also have protective software installed as well, particularly if they’re being run in Windows format.

Anti-Virus software is essential for all computers in this day.  Simply because you have not fallen victim to a virus attack yet, does not mean you will be immune in the future.  Much like a vaccination one gets as a child, McAfee Anti-Virus software offers protection for the future so that you need never worry.

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