Free Virus Scan

Use a Free Virus Scan to Detect Problems

One of the most important steps you can take, before purchasing antivirus software or downloading free antivirus software over the internet, is to verify whether or not your computer is, in fact, infected with viruses or at risk for being infected. A very easy and cost-effective way to accomplish this is with a free antivirus scan available over from several reputable sites over the internet.

The most important thing to realize about these scans is that, while they will verify whether or not there are viruses on your computer, a free antivirus scan will not, in general, remove the viruses or alter your computer in any way. What most of these scans will do is simply to tell you if you have a problem or not. Almost all of the reputable sites offering free software also have the full versions of their product available at a for-cost download from their site. This is very convenient for you, because you can avoid going to a computer store and are afforded the convenience of solving all your online problems in a few simple steps.

Make sure to do your free antivirus scan from a reputable site, since, in doing this type of scan, you are giving a certain amount of control over your computer to a third party. So, if you acquire software from a disreputable site, you may be in danger of having your computer hacked.

However, don’t let a couple of bad apples dissuade you from doing a free antivirus scan on your computer. There are a great many sites out there that will do a great job of checking your computer out. A couple good places to start are: these folks will provide you with a free downloadable antivirus scan that actually will eliminate the viruses on your computer. While it will detect spyware and other forms of malware on your computer, it will not delete them. Another good site to check out is: They will provide you with a comprehensive virus scan that is actually based on your location in the world. (Certain viruses can tend to infect only certain areas or networks.)

With these tips in mind, you should be well-armed to detect and eliminate your computer’s problems quickly and safely.

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