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Learning Portuguese Can Be Fun

Unlike English, Spanish or French, Portuguese isn't one of those languages that many people across the globe consider one of the languages they know best. It's not something you're likely to hear a lot of in your U.S. neighborhood. That's why, if you're interested in learning Portuguese, it's a great idea to travel to Brazil.

It surprises many people that in South America, more people speak Portuguese than Spanish. That's because Brazil, where Portuguese is the official language, has a very large percentage of the South American population, and is by far the largest country by population where Portuguese is spoken. While it's always a huge benefit to travel to where the locals speak the language you're learning, going to Brazil provides extra benefits when you want to learn Portuguese, since several of the many different Portuguese dialects are spoken there.

It's a well known fact that immersing yourself among people who speak the language on a daily basis is one of the best ways to learn Portuguese. Hearing the language everywhere you go, and being forced to speak it on a daily basis, is really a wonderful way to hear Portuguese in all its forms. From formal conversations in business or government meetings, to common phrases and casual banter at the local mercado or restaurante, you will hear every nuance of the language this way. You'll pick up on new vocabulary words, grammar use, and, very importantly, pronunciation.

Not only is immersing yourself in hearing and speaking Portuguese beneficial in learning the language, so is immersing yourself in the culture. When you are speaking or learning to speak the local language, you have the opportunity to see so much more of the country and truly experience its lifestyle (over and above perhaps merely standing on the sidelines of Carnaval!) You'll be able to talk with people, they'll be interested and even eager to help you learn the language, and probably be more inclined to show you the "authentic" aspects of Brazil. Learning Portuguese will then be that much more memorable, rich, and fun for you.

Be sure to be prepared before you go by taking a few classes that help you learn Portuguese so you have the basics down. And when you pack your bags for Brazil, don't forget to include your Portuguese phrasebook!

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