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What Better Way to Learn Italian Than in Italy!

Any language expert can tell you that one of the best ways to learn any language is to totally immerse yourself in its culture. Have you ever considered an immersion school held right in a country whose native tongue is the one you want to learn? Traveling to Italy to learn Italian not only offers you intensive professional training, but also offers casual lessons while you're enjoying the incredibly beautiful Italian countryside.

Italian immersion schools offer several advantages. You can learn Italian from native Italian speaking instructors and assistants. Classes are usually small and ensure personalized attention and emphasis on any particular things that are difficult for you. Italian immersion schools offer either a group setting with small classes where fellow students are highly motivated to succeed in the same goal you have, or the opportunity for private lessons for the ultimate in Italian language lessons.

When you learn Italian at an immersion school, you'll also get comprehensive Italian-immersion activities like guided visits to local towns, seminars about and visits to local art history museums and relics, cultural events like music festivals, cooking courses in Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, eco tours of the beautiful natural Italian environment, or a showing of an Italian film.

Classes don't have to take place in classrooms either, as learning on the beach or in a restaurant offers practical opportunities to promote linguistic exchange with local Italians, putting the education into practice.

When you learn Italian, the chance to mix with local Italian students studying at the same school to learn English (and often German and French) can be a wonderful opportunity to learn and teach from each other after hours.

Some other advantages of learning Italian at an immersion school include classes for children (if you'd like to make learning Italian a family affair), and opportunities to take specialized classes for professional or personal reasons. Specialized classes could help you learn Italian with an emphasis in art history, cooking, or literature, or an emphasis in law, education or business for professionals.

An Italian language immersion class is a wonderful way to learn the beautiful language and culture, and you'll be coming home with not only a new skill but a lot of new memories!

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