Law School

Law School is Not for the Faint-hearted

So you're considering law school? You're interested in politics, governance, human rights and you think this is the logical progression? You may well be right, but there are a few things you need to consider first.

I thought about becoming a law school student myself, for a spell, before changing my mind completely and deciding on an Earth Sciences degree...and then on a medical degree...and then again on anthropology...and eventually not to go to university at all! This may sound crazy, but there are a lot of different paths to choose from, and just because something sounds appealing as a student doesn't mean it is right for you as a life or career choice.

Now don't get me wrong. I think that law school is an admirable choice, and indeed I commend you on it. All the traits of a person that lead them to learning a great deal about any particular subject are amazing, and law is a formidable opponent. What you must remember is that law is often times ambiguous, and as a student of law you will be called upon to remember conflicting laws and pieces of relevant information. Within your study, you will need to remember dates and case titles, judges and juries, the evidence and lack thereof. It is all these tiny details that add up to what we call 'law', and law school will take you through the subject matter rigorously in your course of study. These facts can and will be remembered, but that isn't exactly the tough bit.

Some Ethical Dilemmas

The hard part is dealing with the nagging feeling that some of these crazy laws just don't sit right with you. They are cruel, archaic, benign. As a lawyer, you cannot change laws but merely look for ways to either obey or bend them. For many students at law school, this reaction leads to a disheartened feeling towards the law program, and sometimes people just decide to drop the whole thing and take up basket weaving.

I don't want that for you, not if you are a capable and open-minded person. Even if you do feel overwhelmed by all the law books and rules, you need to realize that taking law does not mean you are bound to be a lawyer. The world is full of possibilities, and your university degree does not dictate who you are as a person - I cannot name you 'Lawyer' simply because you went to law school. I suggest you go, you study hard and you take in everything that you can so that you can use it in whatever ventures you see are fitting in the future. Your career will be shaped by your education but it isn't cemented down by a degree. Law school gives you the tools necessary to be a politician, a judge, a jury member, a wise business owner.

If your overwhelming interest is in law, then sign up for law school and enjoy yourself. Just remember that it doesn't need to make you a lawyer.

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