Summer School

Summer School is for Smarties!

Studies show that a three month break from schooling can result in a one month loss of learning. The smartest students compensate by attending summer school.

Besides the benefit of maintaining – and enhancing – the knowledge that a student has gained over the regular school year, attending summer school gives the added bonus to resident students of cementing friendships that might otherwise be lost over a three month break, and to both residents and visitors the chance of meeting and developing new relationships with men and women of varied interests and backgrounds.

Who Should Attend Summer School?

For visiting students, summer school gives the additional opportunity to take classes for credits that can be transferred back to their home schools.

Attending summer school affords both resident and visiting students the chance to meet certification requirements, take courses for personal enrichment, and enhance their chances for better job opportunities.

Typical students who attend summer school give many good reasons for doing so. For some, summer school gives them the benefit of the chance to graduate earlier than they otherwise could have. Others enjoy the smaller, interactive classes and the concentrated subject matter. Still others look at the benefit of opportunities of taking courses and/or studying under teachers that would otherwise have been unavailable – or simply the chance of trying something new and different.

For many students, summer school opens the doors to taking future courses, completing second majors or minors, or retaking or making up courses in which they lack credits.

The benefits of attending summer school aren’t just limited to young adults or children. For older adults looking to advance their careers, or simply to broaden their personal horizons, summer school can provide access to libraries, science laboratories, and classes for their own enjoyment and personal or professional enrichment.

Interacting with people of all age groups and ethnicities, and from all walks of life, can be a huge bonus to anyone of any age who chooses to sign up for summer school.

For the lucky, attending summer school can open doors to living in, working in, and touring foreign lands. For some, at the very least, it can be a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel abroad that might otherwise never be available, learning new customs, cultures, and languages, experiencing local flavors and cuisines. For others – the luckiest – it is the chance to expand their multi-cultural horizons and to meet, and often live with, peers, teachers, and families who go on to become lifelong friends.

For anyone at all who has the opportunity to grab a chance to attend summer school in his or her own city, state, or country, or even abroad, summer school can be the key to anything from a one-time positive experience to a life altering change. In any situation, summer school attendees go to the head of the class!

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