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Here is a bit of Investment Information

Stockbrokers, real estate agents, financial advisers all provide different services, even though they quite often cross over as financial advisers may be licensed to advise on shares, a stockbroking firm many have financial advisers on their team etc. When looking for investment information it is important to know what kind of information you are looking for and try to find the right professional to help you.

A stockbroker will help you select the best shares for you, given your situation, wants and needs. He will give you advice on buying more shares, selling shares and all kinds of diversification.

A real estate agent show you different properties in your price range, advise on growth areas, flood zones etc. , let you know how much rent you can expect to get from tenanting the property. After you purchase the property, the real estate agent can manage the property for you for a fee. He will endeavor to find a good tenant, collect the rent, and check on the property for you. Advise on any repairs that may become necessary and so forth.

Financial advisers help you work out what to do with your money. They sit down with you and formulate a strategy. They can give you a lot of investment information that you may not have thought about. A good financial advice help s you save tax, looks at your retirement plans and helps diversify when necessary. He will sent you reports at least once a year or more and works with you to decide if any changes are necessary.

The best way to choose an agent, stockbroker or financial adviser is by recommendation from someone you know that has used them. Bear in mind that some brokers deal only in certain industries or have large clients whose share they sell. Initially real estate agents are working for the vendor, trying to sell that property to get their commission and some financial advisors tend to lean more towards shares than real estate or visa versa. It is advisable to have a consultation with who ever you are looking at using and try to get a feel for the type of service they are going to offer and if you are going to feel comfortable dealing with them.

Of course there are other ways of gaining investment information. Newspapers having the share market listings in them, magazines on real estate trends, stocks and shares plus all kinds of financial magazines. Then there is the internet, investing information at your finger tips.

But beware, never believe everything you read or find on the net. Whilst the information may very well be correct it pays to double check with another source. This goes for investing information from your broker, advisor or agent as well, not they are not being honest but something they may have overlooked, something you find interesting that they didn’t know you would like.

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