Using Self Directed IRA Real Estate

Since the inception of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, 1974, consumers have the tools to manage their own retirement plans. In 1997, the law was further refined to take in the Taxpayer Relief Act and the newly established Roth IRA. Both the traditional IRAs and the newer Roth IRAs were designed to help people adequately prepare for their retirement without suffering unnecessary tax encumbrances.

Both the traditional IRAs and the newer Roth IRAs offer a positive way for people to invest but with options of reducing tax liabilities. The IRA legislation only defines what is not allowed within these traditional IRAs and the newer Roth IRAs so people are able to opt for investments with a broad range of sectors.

After someone elects to utilize the leverage that a traditional IRA and the newer Roth IRAs can bring, they then need to determine what assets to place within their IRA. Most people tend to opt for IRA portfolios that include things like stocks, bonds and mutual fund holdings. Most IRAs are actually held by the banking and financial institutions and so often these are the only choices open to people.

Deciding on how you will invest for retirement is a matter of sitting down and doing your homework. You need to work out what you can afford, what sort of risk you are prepared to take and plan your strategy. Once you know these things you can then determine where you will place your IRA investments. A third party must be involved to hold your IRA so finding out which one can best meet your needs is very important and not something that should be rushed.

But what about property? Well the main reason why non-traditional IRA investments such as real estate is that only find a handful of companies are actually willing to hold an IRA made up of rental properties. Most tend to opt for the traditional stocks and bonds options. If you are looking for a real estate option then you will need to shop around as only three or four financial providers offer this option to consumers. With the boom occurring the property market it might well be worth doing your homework.

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