Hawaii Vacations

Hawaii Vacations take you to the North American Tropics

Hawaii vacations have proved to be popular trips for people of all types – from daring surfers to honeymooners, adventure-seekers to archaeologists. As such, the state of Hawaii offers no less than everything for vacationers. Visitors to Hawaii should know that the state is actually a conglomeration of 8 main islands - Hawaii, Maui, Molokai, Oahu, Kauai, Kaho'olawe, Lanai and Ni'ihau.

Each island is known for offering a little something different to tourists. For example, the big Island of Hawaii is the most commercial of them all (and the most easily accessible). Hawaii’s big island is also home to the tallest mountain on the planet, which is Mauna Kea.

Unique American Culture

Hawaii is very rarely seen as a piece of America’s culture and heritage. Regardless, the island is its own melting pot of cultural richness. Hawaii vacations are generally marked by an introduction to this unique side of America’s culture through food, music and, of course, regular luaus. Vacationers often learn that Hawaii has its own language as well, called none other than “Hawaiian.”

Get Going

Hawaiian vacations are popular for their plethora of exciting and relaxing activities. From bike riding down the steep highways to riding some of the world’s most famous waves, the islands offer a tropical paradise for those individuals wishing to blend beach-going, aquatic activity and culture.

Visitors can turn inward to the island for long hikes through the rain forests and lava fields. They can jump from steep cliffs alongside picturesque waterfalls. Hawaii vacations are also often market by helicopter tours of the islands, including the lava fields and jungles. Truly death-defying visitors can hike or take a helicopter ride into Kilauea, an active volcano situated at the center of the island.

Hawaiian vacations would not be complete without a ride on the waves. Whether you are able to actually stand on your board, or whether the total extend of your “surfing” consists of padding clear from sharks as you explore the crystal clear reefs, Hawaiian waves are known to provide some of the most excitement of any waters on the planet.

Pack Accordingly

The Hawaiian Islands have a moderate tropical climate and warm Pacific waters almost year-round, making them popular tropical destination at any time of year. Temperatures on the islands vary very little from place to place, except at higher elevations, such as in the mountains or on the volcanoes. In fact, the average annual temperature is a comfortable 75 degrees. If you are headed to Hawaii and plan to take a long mountain hike or to bike ride down the steep Hawaiian highways, it is important for you to take a warm jacket and raincoat, as the temperatures can become quite frigid at the high altitudes.

Of course, be sure to take plenty of sunscreen, as Hawaii is not only a destination for beach-goers, but it’s also an area that is closer to the equator than most state-side vacation destinations. Hawaiian vacations, regardless of the weather, provide memorable experiences for families and friends alike. Now pack up and get going!

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