Arizona Vacations

Arizona Vacations Offer a Homegrown Vacation Location

Arizona vacations are popular destinations for travelers from anywhere in the world. Whether travelers seek adventure, culture or to view one of the Wonders of the World, Arizona offers spectacular sights and a rich heritage to enjoy. Here is a brief overview of the top tourist draws to this Southwestern Mecca:

The Ever-Popular Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is perhaps the most well-known vacation destination in Arizona (and, one might say, in the entire United States.) Don’t come to the Canyon just look; there are a variety of ways to enjoy the Grand Canyon whilst on Arizona vacations, from hiking down the steep slope on foot to scheduling a camp-out in the basin. Trips can be as short as an hour and a half to up to seven hours in length, and can be begun at points across the Canyon. There are even mule trips that can go overnight. Be sure to you’re your trip at least a year in advance, though, as trips are limited and you’ll have to arrange to get a permit in advance.

There are some dangers to hiking and recreating in the Grand Canyon. After all, once you descend into the deep canyon, the only way out is by hiking out or, in extreme circumstances, by helicopter. Therefore, it is important to follow all the safety regulations. Every year hikers are stranded or inured in the Grand Canyon because they were unprepared to face the terrain and elements present and suffered from the “Four Hs” - heat exhaustion, heatstroke, hyponatremia (water intoxication), hypothermia.

Don’t forget the raft! Many experienced white water rafters also rafting down the Snake River, which cuts through the grand walls of the Canyon. Many people who engage in Arizona Vacations say that they are not complete without a dare-devilish rafting trip through the torrid waters. If you’re more included to engage in an adventure rafting trip, then take advantage of the river’s 277 mile course, which takes several weeks to complete. The shorter overnight rafting trip travels a modest 19 miles in comparison and which take less than a week to complete.

American Heritage

The state of Arizona is known for its rich cultural history which is found in numerous well-preserved Indian ruins, fine museums, on-going digs and thousands of artifacts that have been carefully collected and cataloged over many years of work. The Anasazi and Hopi Indians are among the most well-known tribes that lived in the lands of Arizona. Both tribes are known for their innovative domiciles and food-gathering practices.

Arizona vacations are not complete without a visit to at least one of the ruin sites, where tourists can get a taste Native American life for themselves. You’ll be able to walk through actual ruins of the Native American homes and hear stories of wars, cliff dwelling villages and advanced bowl-making techniques.

No Home Like the West

While on your Arizona vacation, be sure to stop into one of the world-famous Western towns, which are known for their rustic charm and gun-wheeling saloons. The most celebrated towns include Tombstone, Bisbee and Douglas, which just about every Western movie love has seen on the silver screen.

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