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How to Get Free Email

Everyone and anyone can have a free email account or two or more. Email is the transmission of messages over the internet. Web based email enables you to access your emails via your web browser. Log into your email account via the web to check your emails and/or send or reply. The provider stores the emails for you. There are many large companies of this kind and they offer this easy service, with extra functions like address books. It is easy to log on and you don’t need a lot of technical knowledge. You will need a current web browser such as Internet explorer, Netscape Navigator, or Mozilla Firefox. You are limited to the amount of storage you have so you can’t keep a lot of messages for too long. You will also get a few ads popping up on the screen. You can solve this problem by getting a free download of Google Toolbar or Yahoo Toolbar, both of which will have the pop up blockers already installed on them.

POP or POP3 services will store your emails until you collect them. You can download them using an email software package such as Outlook Express or Lotus Mail. When you download your message they will the deleted from the server and stored on your computer. The beauty of POP is that you can write and read your messages off-line and only need to connect to the internet to send or to receive new emails. You can also keep endless amounts of messages since they are on your hard disk.

Mail forwarding services send your mail to an existing email address. This is great if the email address give to you by your ISP is hard to remember you can sign up for a free account ( find an email address that suits you), and your emails can be forwarded from the email address given to you by ISP to your free account. Again you will probably find advertisements on your emails and when you send emails from free accounts the people you send the messages to will know you are using free accounts. Messages such as “ This message was sent through Web-Based Mail> Get your own free email at Web-Based Mail today.

There are many different programs all offering free email accounts, some free and some charge. The first thing do is to sign up for an account, the are thousands to choose from, some could be based in your country, some from various overseas countries. Some are truly international and offer not only email accounts, but home pages, domain names etc.  Some good free email services are Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, and AOL.

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