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Want to Check Your Email?

Webmail is a convenient way to check your email. With webmail you can check your email anywhere where you have internet access and a standard web browser. To check your emails using web mail you have to logon to your web address using a web browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer. When asked for your login simply type in your email account address and your password. When using a computer other than your own or at an internet cafe always remember to log off before you leave the computer. It is not a bad idea that after you log off, to then open up the browser that you just used and then clear all the history out of that browser.  This can all be done with the click of one button on the new versions of Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

You can also check you emails from your cell phone or PDA using a device called a WAP. The address is the same as for webmail. Some webmail systems will detect the device automatically. If you are using a standard web browser you will be redirected to standard webmail. When connecting using a cell phone you will be redirected to a simplified WAP version.

There are numerous companies offering email checking services, there is Mail2Web, their services are described as a very fast gateway that enables you to read your existing POP mailbox from any browser. You can also send messages from here. There is also a 128-bit encrypted version available for the security-conscious users. Security is not as big an issue at your home station as it is at a computer where tens of people will be using that same computer after you that same day.

Then there is Mail Inspector which is a Java application that downloads into your browser and simplifies checking your existing POP for anywhere in the world. is a sophisticated web-based POP reader, with many options, including SSl access for added security, the ability to view and save attachments, an address book and many advanced composition functions. Net My Mail enables you to retrieve email from any number of POP3 and IMAP mailboxes. You can also send outgoing messages in both HTML and plain text format through the service, including attachments. The service also includes an address book and support for signatures. Very similar to these is Panda Mail and Prodigy MailLink.

Twigger is launching services in many countries around the world. Twigger lets you check your POP mail from any browser. The twist is that you choose your provider from a pull down list. You cannot specify your own provider information. Although this make it easier to use it also makes it less flexible then most other services.

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