Food Coupons

Food Coupons to Save Money

What are Coupons?

Coupons are used to save money on purchases and come in many forms. Coupons can be issued by a business for a saving on products or services, or they may be issued by a manufacturer of a product for savings on that product. A smart shopper can utilize coupons to save hundreds of dollars a year on food. With the advent of the internet, it is even easier for consumers to find the coupons they need.

When a company performs a sales promotion, they usually pass out coupons, which are tickets that can be used to gain rebates or discounts for certain products. They can be found in magazines, stores, newspapers, mail, and the Internet. As of late, many companies distribute their coupons on the Internet in order to avoid costs of printing and shipping paper coupons.

Internet coupons, mostly used by online merchants, are also called “promotional codes”, “coupon codes”, “discount codes”, “voucher codes”, or “source codes”. An Internet coupon code consists of a combination of numbers and letters the buyer can type on the website, and if done correctly, their rebate or discount will apply itself to the buyer’s order.

Coupons can be handed out by the government, as well. They usually come in a form of welfare, such as food stamps.

The Food Stamp Program, a federal-issued organization, helps low-income families fight hunger by granting a specific amount of money per month to qualified applicants. Those who are granted food stamps receive an Electronics Benefits Transfer (EBT) card, which mimics a credit card by featuring a magnetic strip and an ID number.

EBT cards can be used only at authorized grocery stores, and strictly limited to only food. Those who want to get toiletries, alcohol, or anything that is not categorized as food are not endorsed to use their EBT card for those items. Food stamps are also not allowed to be used at restaurants or any sort of place where the user receives an already-cooked meal.

For those who do not qualify for food stamps, they can always look for food coupons from various retailers on the Internet, in newspapers, magazines, or stores. There are coupons for baby food, dog food, meat, sauces, fruits, vegetables, and all sorts of groceries.

Whatever form of coupons a shopper uses, a bit of research and organization can help to save money.  Simple folders that sort coupons into different types of food can be used at the grocery store will help ensure that the correct coupon can be found.
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