Counting Calories

Counting Your Calorie Intake

Anyone who is looking to lose a little bit of weight may find themselves on a regimen where they begin counting food calories. By counting your calorie intake, you will have a much easier time attaining your weight loss goals. You would be amazed at just how beneficial counting calories can be. Most people find that when they begin counting food calories, they are also gaining great knowledge of the foods that they eat, their calorie content, as well as how well the foods work with their metabolism and diet. By keeping track of your calorie intake, you will also be gaining good information that you can share with your doctor or dietician so that they will have a much easier time when trying to help you achieve your ideal weight.

What is a calorie, you ask? A calorie is basically what is considered to be a unit of energy or the amount of energy that it takes to raise the temperature of a kilogram of water up to one degree Celsius. When it comes to counting calories, the amount that you need will depend on several different factors. Usually, when you are counting food calories, the amount you need will depend on your gender, age, height and also your weight. These factors should all be discussed with your doctor or dietician before you go and make any major changes in your eating habits or your lifestyle.

The good thing about counting calories is that you can use it in just about any type of diet that is out there today. It is all just a matter of finding which one works best for you. For instance, counting food calories can come in very handy if you are watching the protein in your diet. To keep track, there are just about 4 calories found in every gram of protein that you are taking in. For a diet where you are keeping track of your carbohydrate intake, it is a good thing to know that a gram of carbohydrates usually has the same amount of calories as protein, or roughly 3.75 calories. When it comes to fats, for every gram there is a whopping 9 calories! That is more than twice of what is included within a gram of protein or carbs.

When it comes to any diet, you must keep in mind that there is no perfect diet that will work for everyone. But, hopefully with the help of counting food calories, you will have a better understanding of the good calories and the bad calories that you may be taking in. This type of understanding in counting food calories can help you lead a much healthier lifestyle.

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