Digital Photography

The Pros and Cons of Digital Photography

Digital photography is definitely the way of the future as far as photography is concerned. Although many professional photographers still prefer to use regular film cameras and enjoy developing and manipulating the pictures they take in a dark room, many professionals are also turning to the use of digital photography for the convenience, cost effectiveness and simplicity of using digital technology.

Many photo studios have opted to go the digital photography route which for a number of reasons. The first reason is that with a digital camera image it is possible to view the image immediately, thereby allowing the photographer the ability to reshoot a pose if it does not turn out the first time. The next reason digital photography is so great is because the customers can see the poses immediately and request reshoots right away if they are not satisfied. Otherwise they would have to wait a week or a month before the pictures are developed and then return to the studio to see proofs, choose the prints they want and return to collect them. Digital photography allows the customer to choose their prints the same day and only have to return to the studio one more time to pick them up – in some cases, the studio will even gladly deliver the prints to the customer once they are ready.

Some people are not too keen on digital photography, but on the whole it is a technology that is catching on a pretty fast clip. Digital cameras are getting more sophisticated and are offering amateur photographers such an expanded realm of choice when it comes to picture taking and developing that they are quickly turning in their film cameras for new digital models. With the growing popularity in digital photography the prices of digital cameras have also begun to drop quite drastically, which means that more people are able to afford these digital gems.

Digital photography is only in its infancy. New technologies are even now being developed that will advance the science of picture taking like we never dreamed possible. Already digital imaging is producing remarkable pictures of fetuses for ultrasounds and mapping the human body as never before. Who knows? In the future our cameras may be used for more than just capturing memories.

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