Country Cultures

Appreciating a Variety of Country Cultures

Sometimes referred to the melting pot of the world, the United States truly is unique in its wide range of cultures and religions. The term melting pot is used to describe the homogeneous effects of the freedoms offered by the U.S. The more technical term is called cultural assimilation where cultures and religions are combined in a way that allows for normally "harmonious" co-existence.

How Does the "Melting Pot" Work in Today's Society?

The term "melting pot" is actually becoming an outdated term. It is now believed that instead of a melting pot where cultures are assimilated and lose their individuality, the goal is for each culture to retain the individual traits of its culture. It is often felt that the term melting pot was coined as a way of describing what come felt was a dangerous trend for individual country cultures. They believed that given enough time and exposure to different cultures that a specific culture or race would completely lose its identity and would soon become indistinct. There is some debate regarding the effects on immigration on the predominate culture. Many people argue that immigrants to a country should be required to abandon their culture and be accepted by so-called mainstream society. People on the other end of the other end of this argument feel that this is an intolerant attitude and instead multiculturalism should be embraced. Multiculturalism encourages people to embrace differences and cater to the needs of everyone, not just what is considered the controlling culture. In some cases though, especially with the introduction of immigrants from third world countries, there are some practices that are not considered socially acceptable. There are arguments regarding this particular issue because in some cases the cultural practices may be considered illegal. Other practices may not be illegal but may simply be frowned upon. The question posed is to what extent should people be allowed to retain their original culture?

Multiple country cultures are a prominent aspect of several countries and thanks to an increase in the ability to travel and communicate over great distances. People are immigrating to other countries looking for opportunities to increase their life quality and with them they are bringing their cultures. Exposure to multiple cultures is an incredibly wonderful opportunity for all. Presented in a positive light, exposure to other cultures teaches tolerance and a general respect for all peoples and races. Working with other cultures can offer a vibrance unmatched by anything else. There are so many wonderful things to be taught through a variety of country cultures. Cherish the vast country cultures of your country as we learn to live together.

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