Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture is Distinct

Corporate culture is an attitude, a feel about the work environment, beliefs and values of the organization. Various organizations will differ depending on the arena in which they function.  For example, a corporate environment will differ from that of a governmental one.

Senior management largely determine the corporate culture, they impose a set of values and behavioral standards that reflect the objectives of the company. These standards often carry over outside the working environment especially when employees interact socially.

This corporate culture guide employees on how to think, act and feel. Corporate culture is often expressed in the companies mission statement It goes as far as how your office may be decorated, what you wear to work, how to speak to other employees, titles to be used.

Corporate Culture dictates the work environment including how employees interact with other, is the work place fun or hostile, is chatter frowned upon, what about a good laugh and a joke, the degree of competition in the work place. Then there is the dress code, corporate dress, neat casual, uniform or laid back. Several telemarketing companies insisted on the telemarketers wearing business suits as a physiological idea. And what about jewelry, make up and hair styles. Some firms have very definite ideas on these matters. What about rules on personal items on you desk or in your cubical or office? How do these issues affect you?

There are other considerations as well such as the company policy on training, on the job training, learning new skills. Then there are the on-site perks such as tearooms, gyms, games rooms, day-care facilities.

What is the corporate view on the amount of time you spend with co-workers outside working hours? Some companies encourage this others are not in favor at all. There are two sides to this one, both valid. Spending time outside can have a bonding effect yet should people get too close and have a falling out this can seriously impact on the working situation.

How do you know that the perfect job you have seen advertised may turn into a nightmare for you? You Don’t. Well not completely, as it may take weeks or even months to discover the corporate structure but there are a few steps you can take to give you a rough idea.

Firstly check out the company web site, it is surprising what you may find, follow any links as well. On the day of your interview arrive early, sitting in the reception area and observing the interaction between the receptionist and the other staff is a good indication. The receptionist deals with everyone in the company and knows a lot more than one would imagine.

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