Chocolate Chip Cookie

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate Chip Cookie – Childhood Favorite

A chocolate chip cookie can make any time of the day a special time, especially for kids. Children love biting into the firm texture of a cookie, especially one that is studded with gooey, melted chocolate chips. Whether you purchase your cookies from a store bakery or cookie aisle or prefer to make them at home, consider keeping a cookie jar filled to the brim with these childhood favorites. Capable of turning anyone, including adults into former versions of their childlike self, these cookies are the epitome of self indulgence.

What Makes a Chocolate Chip Cookie?

When it comes to the actual type of cookie in question, you may be wondering what exactly makes a cookie to be one of the chocolate chip variety. Technically, any cookie that is studded with pieces of chocolate can be considered a chocolate chip. The first chocolate chips where just that—small pieces of chocolate that had been chipped off a large block of the rich sweet stuff. Later on, the technology advanced so that chocolate was melted and then squeezed into the familiar “kiss” shape, which is now considered by many individuals to be the real chocolate chip. However, the other option to this puzzle is the chocolate chunk. Where chips are little and small, these chunks are large and chunky, much like their name. Instead of small slivers of chocolate that melt into your mouth, chunks require chewing, which is one reason why they are so popular.

The traditional type of chocolate chip cookies featured a dough that included brown sugar and baked to a golden brown. However, the sky is the limit with today’s cookies, as there are tons of recipes for double chocolate chip, white chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolate chip, and even mint chocolate chip. Furthermore, the chips are available in a wide array of flavors mixed with chocolate. Consider using chips that are swirled with peanut butter and chocolate, mint and chocolate, vanilla and chocolate, white chocolate and chocolate, butterscotch and chocolate, or even super decadent dark chocolate.

Chocolate Chips Cookies for Treats

What could possibly mark a better day than opening up your lunch box and finding a cookie tucked inside? Although you may no longer be a child, these cookies are perfect for those special treats and pick me ups much needed in the middle of a long, hard day. For children, is the inclusion of a cookie in a lunch or as an after school treat is especially fun. Instead of rewarding your crew with other expensive items, consider a new kind of reward—the cookie. In addition to being economical and nostalgic, a cookie is a great treat because it comes from the heart. Furthermore, you can incorporate the chance to make the cookies into the category of a treat, as all children (including those inner children) love the fun and excitement that comes with hovering over an oven waiting for the timer to ding. With your finished product, consider gifting them to others as another aspect of a popular treat.

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