Acne Treatments

There are Many Acne Treatments That Can Help

An effective acne treatment has been a long time in being developed and the reason behind this is that acne has generally been seen as an aesthetic disease. However, those suffering with this unsightly skin condition will tell you otherwise. Acne can be very debilitating socially for a teenager to whom appearance is crucial.

There are several acne treatments available on the market today. Probably the most common and most widely used is Benzoyl Peroxide. This treatment comes in varying strengths - the lesser of which can be bought in over the counter soaps and washes. The higher dosages come in gel or topical cream form. Although effective, some common side effects of this treatment are hypersensitivity, contact dermatitis and irritation. Benzoyl Peroxide can also ruin clothing.

The next level of acne treatment is with hormones. A certain mix of estrogen and cyproterone is effective in counter-acting the affects of androgen in women - the male hormone that causes female skin to become too greasy. Only available through prescription it is vital that your doctor ensures that this is the best course of action for you.

The most potent weapon to date in the fight against acne is Isotretinoin. This oral medication is for sever cystic acne and other forms of acne that have proven resistant to other treatments. Oftentimes only one course of this medication is enough to put acne problems in remission or to at least control the intensity and severity of the outbreaks.

If you do not have severe acne then it is possible to manage it without resorting to medical help. Many over-the-counter products are very effect in controlling outbreaks. Washing your face with a mild soap and warm water three times a day and then patting it dry is also helpful. Dirt does not actually cause acne but the build up of oil and skin on the face do - so you must wash those off. However, if you scrub too vigorously or too frequently then you risk aggravating the problem and making it worse.

Acne is not something that we must live with until we out grow it. There are so many effective treatments for acne today that all it requires is a little investigative work into which treatments and products are best for you and a little diligence in using them. Even the worst case of acne can be treated and cured - after all you are worth it.

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