What You Can Do About Acne

Acne is the bane of adolescent life. Just when life becomes most demanding and confusing for a teen - bam! They are hit with having to deal with unsightly pimples that can cause the kind of extreme embarrassment that can kill self esteem.

Acne is most prevalent in teenagers because their hormones are out of control during those years. As they hit puberty their bodies are trying to adjust with the major changes that are taking place; this causes the glands in the body to work overtime creating more oil than necessary. This oil gets trapped by dirt and bacteria under the skin which then results in a pimple. Although most teens and even some adults will get the occasional pimple, some unfortunate teens will get acne - a medical condition that generally does not respond to mild treatment but which can be controlled with medication.

The best way to prevent pimples and acne is to practice proper hygiene and good skin care. Gently washing your face every day is vital to keeping your skin bacteria, dirt and oil-free. Those with oily skin are more prone to getting pimples than those with normal to dry skins, so they must take extra care with their skin care regime. Those with oily skin should avoid using soaps, which can dry the skin resulting in an increased production of oil. They should also wash their face using only water or a mild skin cleanser at least three times a day then pat it dry with a clean towel - this is especially true for those who have acne. The worst thing you can do it be rough with your skin or wash it too harshly because this will trigger an increase in oil production that will only make acne worse.

A good diet is also essential in the fight against acne. Eating healthy, nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables will give the body the vitamins and minerals it needs to fight bacteria and infections. Drinking plenty of water will help the body flush toxins from the body and keep the skin supple and well hydrated. Although there is no scientific correlation between fatty and salty foods and acne, it is best to avoid such foods for overall health purposes.

If proper skin care and a good diet do not help control your acne then you must seek medical help. There are some very effective treatments that can decrease the number of outbreaks a person experiences and which also lessen the severity of the outbreaks they do have. There is no reason why anyone should suffer through the acne years without trying to mitigate the embarrassment and suffering such outbreaks can cause.

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