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Writers that choose to write a book and have it published have a number of advantages over traditional employees who work in traditional, full-time jobs. However there are some distinct disadvantages as well, including the lack of money up front, the investment of expenses before seeing a profit, the uncertainty of the market and the uncertainty of the success of subsequent works.

One advantage of deciding to write a book is being able to work from home, at a pace set by the author and in an environment that is comfortable, familiar and usually stress-free.

Process is Important

To write a book, there must be a sense of focus – whether it is fictional, non-fiction, informational, biographical or a children’s book – there must be an identifiable point. Non-fiction may be the easiest to write, as there is usually an audience already waiting for the information. For fiction, which is subject to the desires and tastes of the public, it is important that readers identify with the character. Having characters that readers feel they can see in themselves makes a work of fiction more successful.

Publishing is Important

Anyone can write a book, but not everyone can get it published. The consumer market for books can be fickle and in a constant state of flux. Only a very small percentage of books ever reach the New York Time Bestseller List, while some find success in niche markets and while others never reach the public awareness

Many authors who write a book never see it published because they look in the wrong places to find publishers who may be interested in it. For a new, unknown author, a niche market may be the best approach to getting a book published. For example, well-known author Tom Clancy had written a manuscript for The Hunt for Red October, but spent all of his time and energy looking unsuccessfully for a publisher. Rejected repeatedly, he was told his book was ‘too technical.’

However, he did manage to get a few copies published by the Navy Press, as it was a book with naval themes. Once it was published, the book did not fare well, however it did gain a small readership. The success of the book came when someone placed a copy into the hands of the President, who read it during a stay in the hospital. When asked what he was reading, he mentioned the title. The next day The Hunt for Red October was picked up for a million copies.

Choosing to write a book means placing a lot of time and energy into the process from the actual writing through to getting it published. More often than not, new authors are rejected by major publisher, but the most important element is to get it published any way possible, through any publisher that will take it without forcing the author to pay large sums of money. Once the book is published, no matter how many copes, no matter by what publisher, it is easier to market and may be picked up by a major publishing house for a second edition.

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