Vitamin Supplements

You need vitamin supplements for different types of metabolic processes. It is best for you to obtain your vitamins through the intake of various nutritious foods but you may require a small amount of vitamin supplements each day in order to perform your daily activities to your best ability. Vitamins help you overcome the inadequacies of your daily food intake. Pregnant and lactating women especially require supplements as do those individuals who consume too much alcohol, cigarette smokers, illegal drug users, senior citizens, women with menstruation difficulties and people with allergies to a particular food. Diseases like diarrhea, celiac disease or pancreatitis also require the intake of vitamin supplements.

In general, the vitamins you receive from various food stuffs are better in quality than their synthetic counterparts. However, foliate is an exception. The artificial variety of this food ingredient is better absorbed by the body as compared to natural one. Pregnant women should take folic acid.

Food is a combination of vitamins, minerals and other ingredients working as a team whereas vitamin supplements work in isolation. Plant chemicals are an important part of our food. They can curtail the chances of cancer and heart disease. Supplements can not also achieve the same results.

When to use vitamin tablets

These pills are designed for use in treating specific diseases. For instance, you may want to take vitamin C for coughs and colds.

Ill effects of vitamin supplements

Vitamin A, D, E and K are fat soluble. That is why they can be stored in the body for a long time. Taking a high dose of these vitamins can be toxic and work as a poison in your system. Overdose of some of the water soluble vitamins like B6 can also be toxic. If you suffer from a deficiency of vitamin B12, then you may supplement it by taking foliate.

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