Time Management

Implementing Time Management Tools to Help You Find More Minutes in Your Day

Time management is one skill that is vital for everybody - both personally and professionally. It can be learned and perfected over time and once it is adopted can radically change your life. If you are in a cycle where you need more than 24 hours in a day but just can't seem to find more than 24 hours in a day, then you might need some time management advice. Here are ten quick time management tips to help you find more time in your day.

1. Don't waste waiting time. If you are on hold on the telephone or waiting for a meeting or appointment, use this time for other things as well such as making lists, sort mail, go over your schedule, or complete small but necessary tasks. At home if you have a cordless type phone you can also use the time to sort the laundry or the mail while catching up on the news.

2. Save time and stock up on the small items you frequently run out of or make special trips to purchase including postage stamps, greeting cards, wrapping paper, snacks for the kid's lunches or money for the parking meters.

3. If you have the space, then buy extra and additional nonperishable groceries and household goods in quantities to last at least for 2-3 months. It is best to do this when they are on special so you save both money and time.

4. If you're working at home turn off the telephone until the job is done because if you are tempted to chat for hours with friends and relatives you will never get your work done. Leave the answering machine and screen calls, but put the machine on low volume so you are not tempted to grab the call if it is someone you know.

5. Us an Internet reminder or calendar service to keep track of important dates or events. You can program them to receive calls, email, or pages to remind you of anything you don't want to forget or miss. Most of these services are free and can save you the embarrassment of forgetting an important appointment or can help you to get things done in advance.

6. Organize your clothes closets for you and the kids to help you get a speedy start to your day. Put away clothes you will not be wearing for the coming season and only have access to clothes that are current. Iron clothes before you put them away so you just have to get up and get dressed.

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