Spam Filters

How to Block Spam with Spam Filters

Spam Filters block spam either before or after it gets to your mailbox. Some spam filter technology resides on your email providers server. This type of filter you will have to have your provider set up for you. There are also spam filters that you can set up on your own computer. Some you will have to pay for, and others are free.

Spam Filters have several techniques that they use to catch spam. One technique is key word matching. Your spam filter will look for common phrases found in spam message and try to make an intelligent decision reguarding the message.

Many spam filters require that you "train" them by letting them know when you get spam messages for the first few weeks and then it can start to more reliably make decisions that it would think that you would make. Here are some links to places where you can download spam filtering software, or email clients that include spam filters:

Mozilla Eudora Mail Washer

You may also click on the below link to contact an ISP that offers a very advanced FREE Spam Filter for their customers. They will also provide you an email address or spam filtering for your email domain at very reasonable rates:

Click Here to request Spam Information
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