Soy Cooking

Cooking with Soy Foods

Are you looking to change your ways of eating to lean more toward a vegetarian lifestyle? If so, then you may want to look into all of the different ways that you can cook with soy foods. One of the most popular and most versatile items that you can use in vegetarian cooking, soy foods can be a wonderful addition to any dish. Soy foods are derived from soybeans, which are a member of the legume family. You can get soy foods in different forms, such as whole soybeans, tofu, soy milk and so much more.

Some of the different soy foods that vegetarians enjoy regularly are found in soy hot dogs, vegetarian burgers that include soy and even soy cold cuts. You would be completely amazed at all of the items that you can replace with a much more healthy choice in soy foods. Many people who cook with soy foods often use them in place of cheeses, milk, meats, eggs and other animal products, which is just perfect for any vegetarian diet.

If you are looking for some great ways to replace certain items in your diet with soy foods, there are several great places where you can begin. One popular choice is the simple addition of soy cheese on top of your pizza. This addition, along with all of your favorite vegetable toppings can make for quite a tasty meal. Some people like to start off with soy foods by beginning to buy soy milk. You can pretty much use soy milk just as you would with regular cow's milk. Add soy milk to your favorite breakfast cereal, as a drink or even in your coffee. Soy milk is one of the most versatile soy foods that you can buy.

Unfortunately, one of the other popular soy foods, tofu, has seemed to have gotten a bad rap over the years for being less than tasty. However, if you get creative with your recipes, tofu can be quite an amazing addition that you may even find that you do not want to live without. This soybean curd can be found in tons of vegetarian recipes includes sauces, creamy soups, stir-fry and much more. You can even marinate your tofu, add it in desserts or sandwiches and the list goes on and on.

There are many health benefits to adding soy foods to your diet. Just by cutting out some of the foods and replacing them with the healthy alternative in soy foods, you could be on the road to a better weight with less chance of problems such as clogged arteries and heart failure.

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