Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet, an Alternative to Dialup or Cable

With the fastest online connections, satellite internet is quickly drawing more customers every single day. Satellites have been used for television, radio, and phones. Now satellites are used for the internet. There are several advantages for using satellite internet as well as a few disadvantages.

Satellite internet is much faster than a modem dial-up. This in turn allows for extremely high speeds for videos, audio files, and downloads. As America gets busier and busier, there is less time to wait for your computer to download information. Satellite connections can download files in seconds rather than minutes or even hours with a dial-up modem.

Since satellite internet does not use a telephone line, you can talk on the phone while you are surfing the World Wide Web. Second phones lines are no longer needed to do these two things simultaneously. Thus satellite internet service is an added benefit for home offices since it takes away the cost of the second phone line.

Have you ever been annoyed by the wait time when connecting to the internet with your dial-up modem? With satellite internet this is not a problem. You are constantly connected. Again, our time is much too valuable to sit around and wait for the internet to connect. People have become impatient with slow connection times.

Money is perhaps one of the most important benefits to satellite internet. This service is extremely affordable for people all over the country. Currently, satellite internet is cheaper then a cable internet service provider.

Along with advantages to satellite internet, there are some drawbacks. For example, if there is severe weather, service may be interrupted. This is also the case with dial-up modems, but less of an issue with cable internet service. Another drawback is that satellite internet at this time is limited to customers located within close proximity of a telephone company. It is likely that this proximity limitation will change with time, but currently it is a problem.

Satellite internet provides the quickest and most reliable internet service on the market today. Purchasing a satellite internet service will save time, money, and a lot of effort.

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