The Importance of Research

Research is referred to as a systematic process of interpreting and revising facts. Investigating available information with the purpose of producing greater understanding of a specific event or theory, behaviors or laws. The term can also be used to refer to the general collection of information. Science is a very research-intensive field and terms like scientific method refer to a specific process for gathering information.

Basic or Applied Research?

Basic research is the term applied to the attempt to gain additional knowledge on a subject. Basic research is often something that a person's curiosity may lead them to look for additional information on a subject of interest. Basic research isn't always done with the purpose of gaining a particularly deep understanding of a subject and is often done only to satisfy a basic curiosity. Applied research is conducted to solve specific questions and is more exploratory rather then to just gain knowledge. Universities will usually have a specific program directed at research in specific fields. A partner who has an interest in that particular field usually funds the program.

These two types of research can further be broken down into various research methods. The method is a specific process and usually consists of three main forms. Exploratory research is done when a new problem is identified and research is done in order to define a solution. This can then lead to additional constructive research or empirical research. Other forms of research include classification, experiments and even interviews. All are conducted with the goal of obtaining more information.

Scientific Method

Oftentimes research follows what is called the scientific method. Using the scientific method follows a specific structural process. By following the steps in order, a researcher will usually be able to combine both basic and applied research to arrive at the desired results. Starting with a hypothesis, which then leads to conceptual definitions. The next step would be to gather the required information. Once all of the data has been compiled it is then analyzed which will lead to a conclusion and possibly a revision of hypothesis. When it comes to scientific method, it is often believed that the purpose is to prove a hypothesis. This is a common misunderstanding. For successful research a hypothesis should be formulated to allow for prediction that will then be either verified or disproved within a certain period of time. This method can be applied to any field and not just science. Any subject can usually be broken down through scientific method to foster effective research. It helps to give direction to the research and gives starting points for information.

Research can be conducted on many levels about any subject. Information can be gained from all kind of different resources and when compiled can further the knowledge known about a specific topic or even lead to changes in the way certain events or theories are viewed.

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