Plays are an Excellent Form of Entertainment

Entertainment is the way of the world today. People are forever searching for entertainment, whether it be in their own home or in the society that they live in. Plays are an age old form of performance. A form of performance that is more alive today than it ever has been. Plays are a great form of entertainment for many reasons, two reasons in particular which are of great importance of the industry of entertainment.

The first reason for plays success is the intimacy that it brings the audience. This type of passion and intensity is something you cannot experience in a movie theatre or from watching TV. When you watch a play you can see the feelings of the actors first hand and you find yourself completely involved in the play from the very beginning. This is what people what from their entertainment; to be able to escape their own lives for just a minute and enter a life full of excitement and fictional tales. Broadway plays are the greatest example of plays today. No matter where you live in the world, broadway is just as famous and popular. These broadway musicals have kept the art of plays alive and held onto the interest of the public.

The second reason for plays success is the drama. People and audiences love to see drama first hand and plays deliver this to them. Drama is the backbone of every successful play that has ever been performed, without the drama the feelings and emotions surrounding the plays would be useless. The reason that people want to watch plays is because of the intensity that they feel. The audience feels like they are involved, this is something that does not happen with any other form of entertainment. The interaction that comes with a play is priceless.

If you have never seen a play before, you are missing out. This is the number one form of entertainment in the world. You can see local plays, broadway or any type of theatre and you can experience first hand the drama and the raw emotion that comes along with this amazing form of entertainment. A play is entertainment like no other, it is right in front of you, going on right before your eyes, live people acting. This is something that you do not get the chance to see with TV or movies. A play is a real form of art, a form of art that will last forever.

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