Personal Injury Lawyer

Having a Personal Injury Lawyer on Your Side

Everyone has heard about a personal injury lawyer, but what exactly do these law professionals do? Well, they are the lawyers who advocate for the rights of people who have either been injured or have injured themselves due to the negligence of someone else. Although a few money-grabbers have brought fraudulent lawsuits against defenders and thus sullied the name of the personal injury lawyer, these esteemed advocates are truly the right people in times of need because they know and understand their area of the law and know how to make it work for their clients.

A personal injury is not limited to a physical injury but can also be a mental or emotional one. The most common cases that a personal injury lawyer will see are the result of negligence on the part of either an individual or company. Frequent complaints are slips and falls, workplace mishaps, car accidents and medical malpractice. However, personal injury can be the direct result of harm inflicted through someone else such as abuse and battery; and it does not end there – the suffering endured as a result of this injury is also covered.

Regardless of it being very common to hear personal injury lawyers become the object of many jokes, these highly specialized and very intelligent professionals provide a service that is essential to keeping the checks and balances in place in our society. Without such lawyers looking out for our interests, individuals and companies would not be held accountable for their neglect or actions and could get away with compromising or harming other people directly or unintentionally.

In recent years personal injury cases have grown in size and in scope. In fact, some lawyers have brought successful class action suits against big companies such as the case made famous by the movie Erin Brokovich where the personal injury law firm of Masry & Vititoe spearheaded the largest direct action lawsuit of its kind against the Pacific Oil and Electric Company – and won. That lawsuit set a precedent and lately there have been class action law suits against big tobacco and fast-food giants such as the McDonalds chain of restaurants.

Finding a personal injury lawyer is as simple as opening a phone book or looking online. For a more respected opinion you can also contact your local bar association or lawyer’s association for a nudge in the right direction.

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