Paintings, A Better Form of Expression

When you think of painting and art galleries, most people immediately think of a boring time and instantly do not want to participate. This is not the case. If you have ever been to an art gallery yourself and looked at the painting, than you know that it is quite the opposite of boring. Paintings are a great and amazing form of entertainment which is often overlooked by today's society.

Go to an art gallery one night instead of going out to the movies. You will see what you have been missing and wonder why you never realized this form of entertainment existed. Going to an art gallery wakens your senses. This is a form of entertainment which allows you to create the entertainment. When you see a painting that catches your eye, you do not keep walking, you stop to look at it. When you do stop, you imagine what you think that artist was thinking, what each line means and what the emotion is behind this painting. You have the opportunity to imagine great scenarios and you are instantly taken in by this painting. This is a form of entertainment that can be beat by no other. Your very own imagination does the work. Thinking that imagination is something just for kids is wrong. When you use your imagination at these art galleries you will see that entertainment is something within you, you just need something to bring it out.

Paintings are a great form of expression by the artist. Some of the paintings you think that the artist just smeared some paint on a canvas, but this is false. Each and every painting that you see in an art gallery is full of thoughts and feelings from the artist. You cannot be an artist if you do not have the passion to create. This is the passion that each and every artist has and this is why their paintings are loved so much. The people who look at them and stare into the canvas can feel the passion and the emotion that the artist brings out in paint.

Paintings are a form of communication that is pure. This is something that is becoming rare in this world. Take advantage of this form of communication and see for yourself the intensity and great emotions that you have been missing out on. It is something that you can experience as many times as you like in a lifetime but unfortunately, something that most people never experience.

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