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Putting Down Roots in Oregon Real Estate

Quiz time: which state has more beavers than people? Why, Oregon, of course -- which may explain its popular nickname, the Beaver State! Actually, the population of wild beavers in Oregon is unknown, but it's still sizable even today, after hundreds of years of determined American development, thousands of years of intense human occupation, and millions of years of volcanoes popping off whenever they felt the need. And that's not to mention the raging popularity of men's beaver hats 175 years ago, which briefly decimated the local beaver population.

Be that as it may, the beaver now appears on the state flag, and frolics along sporting events sidelines as the Oregon State University mascot. As for real beavers, they'd be happy to settle on any rural or semi-rural piece of Oregon real estate you might want to invest in, assuming it has a stream or two, adding local color and offering free lessons in fluvial engineering. Oregon real estate offers more than industrious forbearing mammals, however: as one of the most varied and beautiful of these United States, it's got thousands of square miles of beautiful terrain where you can live, run a business, camp, hike, boat, fish, or just chill out and enjoy life.

Even ghosts need a place to live

Another quiz question: which state has more ghost towns than any other? That's right, Oregon! For you adventurous souls out there, these offer great opportunities for fixer-upper projects. If you like your life to be a little less dull, or at least less expensive, consider one of the state's many homes, which are plentiful in urban, suburban, and rural settings alike. The average sale price for a home in 2004 (the most recent year for which data is available) was just shy of $200,000, but you'll have to act quickly to get a deal like that in Oregon real estate, since prices continue to soar.

Few states offer the wild beauty that Oregon does, with its majestic mountains, deep, still lakes, splashing trout streams, and raging rivers; it caps all this off with a mild climate, especially along the coast. But Oregon also offers plentiful urban and suburban experience for anyone who enjoys the nightlife and all the conveniences inherent to the city. The biggest Oregon city is Portland, which like its counterpart on the East Coast is modern, vibrant, and growing. Commercial and industrial opportunities abound in Portland as well as Salem, the capitol, and Eugene, which hosts the venerable University of Oregon main campus.

Your very own Oregon real estate

Considering the upward trend most Oregon real estate exhibits, it might be best to stake your claim on the state as soon as you can, whether you're being transferred there, are looking for a wonderful place to retire, or just want a little cabin for the occasional fishing vacation. All it takes is a trip to the computer and a few clicks on the Internet, and you'll find more Oregon real estate opportunities than you can shake a stick at. Your biggest problem may be choosing from all the online brokers offering the properties of your dreams -- but we're sure that you'll be able to handle it if you put your mind to it!

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