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Remember the games you played as a kid? Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, Scrabble. Then of course you also played outside didn’t you? Skipping, climbing trees, building cubby houses, baseball in the street. Remember racing you mates on bikes, going over the highest jump and sometimes being lucky enough to land without injury? Our neighborhood parks and streets are now devoid of childhood activity, online games have taken over.

There are some wonderful sites for the kids not only to play games but to learn about history, money, spelling, language, and many other vital pieces of information. These sites offer all the information our kids want and need in a language they understand and in a fun way. Just as there are sites for adults there are sites for children. These sites also teach the children how to use a computer, starting with preschoolers.

For the preschooler there are a number of learning type games such as, but not exclusively Animal Homes where the children have to find the right habitats for the animals, Animal Safari, matching the animal with their names. There are all manner of learning games. School ages are broken into divisions, kindergarten to 2nd grade, 3rd and 4th grade and 5th and 6th grade.. All have different learning games.

But the best fun of all from a kids view are the Arcade Games online. To even think about a list would be foolish, there are literally thousands of online kids games of all ages . These are adventure games, mystery games, brain games, action, sports of all descriptions, motor racing, baseball, basketball.. Kids can also enter fantasy world games like Lord of the rings and any many of medieval knights, dragons etc come to life on the screen. Games like Alien Abduction, Alien clones, Alien Attack hold great appeal as does 3 Foot Ninja, master bowling, Battleships. There are games called Cyber Mice Party, Crypt Raider, Flash Ludo and Field Goal Challenge, along with a huge variety of Dinosaur games.

Apart from types of games there are a number of great sites where, in addition to playing games kids have added activities like learning about craft, writing their own stories and having them published on the site, poetry, sending e-cards, downloads- things like multiplication s tables, web surfer, computer Lite Bright, all interesting thing for kids to learn how to download, learn about folders etc. Some sites have links to other cool places for kids online, it send then to kids sites on environment, the SETI site, Bullying online, and some really wonderful private sites.

Just maybe seeing the kids in front of the computer all the time may not be all that bad.

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