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The Ever-growing World of Online Chat

Do you like talking to other people? There is an online chat room for you. Online chat is replacing the telephone as a means of office and home communication and it won’t belong before our kids stop using SMS text messages in favor of chatting online as more mobiles have the technology for online chat.

Chat rooms can be found in many categories to suit the individual, some common ones being Business, computers community, entertainment and the arts, Homes and family, government, health and fitness, hobbies, movies, music, religion, romance, schools and education, sport and recreation, science, and of course teens.

Under each of these categories is a separate list, for instance, under the health and fitness heading there are chat rooms about ADD support, Alternative medicine, cancer chat, depression support, diabetes, HIV/Aids, stop smoking support, yoga etc. You can nearly always find a topic of interest to you and someone willing to chat with you about it.

Online chat allows you to chat with people all over the world and you can make some amazing friends. But remember, this is a public area on the net and just like in the ‘real world’ people are not always as they seem so it pays to take some simple precautions.

Every one must have an online ID so they can be recognized by the internet community. Here you should use an alias and nothing remotely close to your email address, this stops un-welcomed communication from people you don’t know and don’t want to know. When creating on online ID it is wise not to use your own name in any form, your address, phone number or any family names. Never enter an online chat room and use your own name.

Do not chat about things that could enable your location to be worked out, including the school you attend, where you work, where you go on weekends and evenings or indeed the city where you live. This is the easiest way for online predators to become more than online if you give them the ability to know where you live and how to get them where you live. And NEVER meet with anyone you talk to in an online chat room unless you already know them.

The great part about online chat rooms is that you can talk to people from all over the world, in Europe, the Pacific region, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico , and Spain.

Another for of chat rooms involves online dating. Single people wanting to meet with other singles. Some are simply just for a fun chat other rooms help find you “Perfect Partner”. What kind of chat you have in mind you will nearly always find someone to chat to.

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