New Car Warranty

It doesn't matter whether you purchase a new car warranty online or from a car dealer, you are still encouraged to review the content carefully before making your purchase. If a salesman makes any promises about the warranty which is not written in the hard copy, then you must ask the salesman to put the additional coverage in writing. If you purchase it online, be sure to print out the agreement.

You need to be involved in a bit of research about the companies that sell the warranties before you buy. You can verify the credibility of such new car warranty sellers with the help of organizations like the Better Business Bureau.

It is a good idea to compare the terms of different dealers as far as warranty inclusion is concerned. Many of the dealers offer a warranty package as good as or sometimes even better than many online offers. In general, the warranty is a joint venture between the warranty company and the dealer. The dealers receive an additional fee from the warranty company for selling warranties to their clients.

Most of the new car warranty contracts include everything on a vehicle. You should read the entire contract and discover which items or parts are not covered. Use your experience in purchasing the warranty. Know which parts of the vehicle are prone to breakdown and be sure they are covered. If you are inexperienced in purchasing car warranties, ask a friend or professional to evaluate the contract agreement.

Many of the new car warranty plans cover the parts that break as well as those which become "out of order." Review the contract so as to be sure that every important part of the vehicle is included in the warranty as it can have a serious impact on your wallet in the long run. Also check to see if the warranty company provides a rental car while yours is in the shop.

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