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Looking for Some Prime Kentucky Real Estate?

The Bluegrass State is known for a lot of things: its grassy namesake, horses and horseracing, Kentucky bourbon, Kentucky Fried Chicken (mmmm), baseball bats, a turbulent history, and an excellently geography, full of great rivers and mountains aching for exploration. Both Abe Lincoln and Jeff Davis were born there, but in the American Civil War, Kentucky stayed a part of the Union.

Most of Kentucky remains rural to this day, but that doesn't mean you'll come up empty-handed if you're looking for urban or suburban Kentucky real estate to invest in. To the contrary -- Louisville is a large and fully modern city, with all the amenities pertaining thereunto. Any business interests considering Kentucky can find plenty of commercial space and industrial sites in Louisville, along with easy access to the resources needed to run such an enterprise. Lexington and Frankfort (the state capital) also offer urban environments to enjoy and prosper in.

Hot property

Urban and suburban Kentucky real estate has, in fact, become a hot topic in recent months. Lexington particularly is undergoing a real estate boom, with both commercial and family properties looking especially attractive. As with any urban area, there are loads of options when it comes to places to live: lofts, studios, single family dwellings of all kinds, townhouses, you name it. Suburbia, with its subdivisions, home developments, and quaint new communities, has also left its mark.

Then again, how about a place out in the country? Kentucky is famous for its bluegrass, both the vegetable and the musical varieties. The vegetable kind is a fine lawn and pasture grass that, in truth, isn't actually blue, but the usual green; if you want a bluegrass spread, however, you'll need to head for the area around Lexington in north-central Kentucky. Then again, maybe you have your sights set on a thoroughbred horse ranch: Kentucky real estate offers that option too. Even if all you want if a patch of woods to call your own, you won't have very far to go to find it in Kentucky.

Getting started

Your first step toward acquiring your own parcel of Kentucky real estate should start with due-diligence research. Decide what you want to buy, and then start studying up on it. For example, what are the requirements before you purchase a new home in Lexington? What are taxes like on the horse ranch you've got your eye on? Or suppose you'd like to invest in a small distillery; how is that regulated by law? Then talk to people you know who might have some knowledge of Kentucky real estate, and get in touch with real estate brokers in the state. They'll be glad to answer any questions you may not have answered already. Once you've tested the waters and selected a few properties you like, go take a look at your chosen Kentucky real estate in person. Photos are all well and good, but you never really know a piece of land until you can stand on it, look around, and breathe the air.

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