Job Types

Various Job Types Lead to Something for Everyone

There are many job types available in the working world, each utilizing the varying capabilities a each person - from one’s capacity for physical labor to the implementation of mental skills. Not only are labor types varied, but the way in which one chooses to work in his or her career can also present a number of options.


Part-time jobs are beneficial in many ways, yet have drawbacks that make them appealing to only a certain type of employee. While allowing the freedom of extra time that would not be available with a full-time job, part-time jobs do not always come with the same benefits that full-time employment affords. Perks of a part-time job include the benefits of freedom, determining one’s own schedule, and having a greater amount of job variation.

The benefits of part-time employment versus those of a full-time job are respective to the individual’s schedule, lifestyle and temperament. Part-time work can place an employee at the low end of the totem pole. However, as a temporary situation, many employees do not mind being that low end. Being free to pursue other interests may be a necessity to some, while others may find security in the predictability and stability of full-time work.


Full-time jobs are generally considered to be those that require employees to work forty hours or more each week, although some may require as little as 32 hours per week. Most full-time jobs have the advantage of offering employee insurance benefits that may extend to family members and will cover the employee in the event of injury or other medical needs. Full-time employees may also be offered other benefits such as a 401k plan and paid vacation time.


Contract work allows an employee to be relatively self-employed while having work provided by someone else. One of the major drawbacks for contract work in seasonal industries, such as construction, is the lack of available work during the winter months. This can put a strain on the budget, although a contractor may find work elsewhere to fill in the gaps. One benefit of contract work is being able to pick and choose the jobs that an employee wants to do. There is not generally an obligation to choose a certain job, although contractors may be subject to a bidding process and risk being underbid by another contractor.


Being self-employed is a type of employment that will only work for a certain type of person. To be self-employed, a person must be self-motivated, creative, experienced and adept at marketing themselves and their skills to potential clients or customers. Often, when starting a business, many people lose money initially until word of the business spreads and begins to attract clients. Unfortunately, many new businesses fail because of the lack of experience, an overestimation of the market and an underestimation of the businesses’ ability to adequately provide for customer demands.

The job types that are offered will fit almost anyone – from the person who wants to work for themselves to those who work better under direct supervision – employees work best and the most productively when they find a job that fits their personality and work ethic.

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