Jamaica Vacation

Why So Many Choose a Jamaica Vacation

The Caribbean island of Jamaica has long been considered a vacation hot spot for people around the world. Renown for its balmy weather, rich culture and warm, friendly atmosphere, Jamaica has something to offer to everyone.

The main language of Jamaica is considered to be English and is the largest English-speaking island in the Caribbean. It is also one of the most ethnically islands in the world, first settled by the Spanish and then conquered by the British. There is almost a large Chinese, Irish and Indian influence, although the major of Jamaica’s inhabitants are of African descent.

Hot Spots

Places to visit when taking a vacation in Jamaica include the nation’s capital, Kingston where the nation’s rich history is recorded as well as its cultural influences. The beaches, known for their clean sand and large waves are a major attraction as well as indigenous activities such as climbing the Ocho Rios Falls and shopping in the open markets of Montego Bay.


Fishing, scuba diving, visiting a sugar cane plantation, wind surfing and horse back riding are among some of the activities that tourist can enjoy during their stay. Sampling the food is another way to get absorbed in Jamaica’s culture. With Spanish influences and English flavorings, mixed with African spices, Jamaica's food has a distinctive blend of flavors.

One of the things Jamaica is most well-known for is its musical heritage, growing such famous musician as Bob Marley, who helped mainstream the sound of the country’s musical sound. With a mixture of their European and African influences, indigenous Jamaican music, called Reggae, utilized heavy rhythmic beats and lyrics that express cries for personal freedom, religions and even local folklore.

Island Travel

There are a number of ways to get around the island of Jamaica, depending on the needs of the traveler. While some means are cheaper and possibly even safer than others, adventurous travelers might feel the potential risk is acceptable to see parts of the island not as accessible by larger modes of transportation.

Travelers can rent a bike and take a ride into the mountainous regions to experience the parts of the island known as ‘the bush.’ Although these areas are not as conducive to tourism, they are full of beautiful foliage, animals and cultural displays. It is the most real part of the island. There are also scooter rentals available for transportation in the more city-like areas with traditional roads and, for longer distances there are buses and taxis.

Jamaica is notorious for having buses crammed with travelers to the point where they hang out of the doors and sit on the roofs of the buses. Taxi and bus drivers as well as other drivers are not known for being cautions for pedestrians and other sidewalk traffic, so travelers should always keep a watchful eye out for young children as well as themselves when walking near any roads.

Depending on the traveler, it may be wiser choice to stick to groups and tourism companies such as the Jamaican Union of Travelers Association to get across the island and to their destinations. There is an element of crime on the island of Jamaica and the best defense against becoming a victim may be to avoid traveling alone.

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