Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities Are for Everyone

The Stock Market

There are as many different ways to invest your money. From stocks to real estate to dollar markets to insurance to businesses, investments can cover a wide range of options. The stock market is the most traditional type of investment; however, there is always a risk involved. With the availability of stockbrokers online, investing in stocks is easier for the average person to get involved in; however, because smaller investors do not often have the same level of experience as other investors, it is important to investigate the market and each stock before putting money into it.

The stock market should be thought of as a medium to long-term investment rather than a ‘get rich quick’ opportunity. However, when you work with a professional investor, there are opportunities to earn great dividends on your initial investments.


Real estate investment opportunities are considered to be a win-win situation by many because of the ability to purchase a property and then simply collect rental money thereafter, however, real estate is more of a long term investment as this type of investing often requires a large capital sum to begin with.

The Internet, the New Opportunity?

With the advent of the internet has come the opportunity for a number of investments that may not have been as readily available in the past through traditional methods. Potential now have the world at their fingertips, literally. However, for as many legitimate investment companies as there are online, there is an equal amount of scams. Investors should be aware of where they send their money and to whom they are putting in control of it or face the very real risk of losing it all.

When looking at an investment company online, there are some important things to make sure of before handing over the money such as the following:

False Claims: Some online investment companies will try to assure potential investors by advertising their credentials with statements such as, “This investment is IRA approved” however, investments are not “approved” by the IRS for IRAs, so the claim is baseless.

Grand gestures: Beware of online investors who promise to go above and beyond the call of duty. For example, by promising to find the perfect opportunity that matches the investor’s unique interests. Many times this will not only cost a substantial fee, but can lead to a loss when the company fails to make good on those promises.

Offshore, Confidential Investments: Always check up on an online investment firms that claim to be located off shore. Get a second opinion. Talk to an attorney, financial advisor or accountant who can tell you what it could cost in the long run to invest ‘offshore’.

Submit Online: Never submit important financial information, such as income level, bank account information, Social Security Number and other personal information before knowing for certain who the company is that you’re giving this information to. One way to check the legitimacy of an online firm is to; visit the site's privacy policy where there should be full disclosure of what personal information the site collects and how the information is used.

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