Insurance Agents

The Role of Insurance Agents

Insurance agents are the proverbial link between a consumer and the insurance company. Insurance sales agents offer a variety of different financial planning services that may include retirement resource allocation, estate planning, and may be licensed sellers of securities and mutual funds. In addition, insurance agents are responsible for helping consumers pick out insurance policies that provide protection for the many facets of their lives, including healthcare, property, and auto insurance.

Insurance companies use insurance agents as their intermediaries. There are two types of insurance agents: company employee and independent. Agents who work for one insurance company shift through the hassle in providing consumers with the most relevant plan for them. Rates and terms of coverage are outlined to the consumer by the insurance agent. Independent insurance agents hold no allegiance to any company and are free to suggest several companies and match up consumers with insurance plans that meet their needs. They are responsible for writing up reports, keeping records, looking for new clients, and helping people wrap up their insurance claims.

Life insurance agents revolve around providing policies to consumers covered by an initial policyholder. Different policies serve different purposes. One life insurance policy may provide college tuition income, retirement income, etc. Another type of insurance agent may deal with healthcare. Health insurance agents sell policies that cover the skyrocketing costs of hospital stays, clinic visits, and the like.

The life of an insurance agent is not far from ordinary. They may work their magic in small to medium sized offices where customers are contacted and given information on different policies. In addition, insurance agents frequently travel to visit clients for the purpose of helping with insurance claims and wrapping up a sale. Insurance agents are independent and can decide on workload. A typical insurance agent works the standard 40 hours a week with the potential for more. Insurance agents working for companies may fill up his calendar with client visits during his working hours and work evenings filing paperwork and making presentations to attract more customers.

All in all, insurance agents are the link between consumers and the host of insurance services available to them. They help to close claims, match resources, and secure the futures of countless Americans by matching them up with healthcare, auto, life, business, and an endless array of insurance policies that leave them with something to fall back on in the end.

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