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Three Home Improvements Tips for your Next Project

Home improvement can mean a variety of things for different home improvement needs, which range from simple household repairs to a complete renovation of the home. While not every home improvement project is a major undertaking, its important know ahead of time how much money, time and other resources will be used. In order to plan your home improvement projects, it is important to take the following three tips into consideration:

Go by the Seasons

It can be hard to tell where to being when approaching home improvements. One ways is to organize the home’s needs by seasons. Many homes need to be winterized to protect those living in side from the winter elements such as snow and harsh winds which can damage roof tops, windows and siding, not to mention allowing the cold air into the house and causing higher heating bills each month.

Winterizing a house can help cut down on bills and minimize the amount of work that needs to be done in the springtime. Home improvement project that can be done to prepare for the winter months include – checking the siding on the house and making sure gutters are cleaned out. Also, inspecting the roof for any necessary repairs and making sure the furnace or other heating element is running well, is clean and in good condition. If there are any storm doors, make sure they are not rusted and are kept well-oiled. Also, check any windows and doors for escaping air and, if necessary, seal with weather-stripping.

Season home improvement projects that should be tackled in the summer could include checking ceilings for any water damage, fixing roof or siding leaks, replace any rotting wood and check basements and attic spaces for damage from animals or flooding.

Pick from the Dream List

Make a list of home improvement projects that are more of a want than an actual need and, when the budget is right, choose one to being working on. Perhaps the kitchen could use a fresh coat of paint or the front porch would look better with pillars instead of the enclosed space. Maybe its time for a new tool shed or garage. While its not always financially feasible to do everything at once, picking from a wish list will help prioritize what gets done and keep the project from becoming too overwhelming.

Improve with a Purpose

Home improvement should be for the personal benefit and enjoyment of the homeowner; however, it is always a good idea to think about home improvement in terms of resale value. Not every project has to have absolute practicality, but thinking about the future may help put the projects into perspective. Look at the home from the perspective of a potential buyer. What would they like or dislike? What would they change or improve? From there, with a more neutral perspective, home improvement can become a project with more than one purpose and may turn into an investment that will pay off in the future.

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