Responsibilities of Being a Godparent

Having a new baby is an exciting time for parents. Everything is so new and unfamiliar. One thing that comes natural to parents is the need to provide the best of everything for their new born. This includes providing them with a good religious upbringing. With that comes the decision in choosing godparents. Every religion has their own guidelines. The Catholic faith has specific requirements and responsibilities for godparents.

The first requirement to become a godparent set by the Catholic Church is the person who is to be baptized or the parents of the child being baptized must choose the godparent. The second requirement is that the godparent to be must be at least sixteen years old. The godparent must be a practicing Catholic, having received baptism, reconciliation, communion, and confirmation. There are certain things that will disqualify a Catholic from becoming a godparent. One thing that will disqualify a person is if the godparent is not a good example of the faith. If he or she is not fulfilling his or her own obligations how will he or she help fulfill their godchild's? Another thing that will prevent someone from becoming a godparent is if they are in an invalid marriage. The Catholic Church only requires one godparent at baptism though many people choose two; one male and one female. The godparent must be present at the time of the baptism. In certain circumstances like looming death, a godparent is not required.

The responsibilities of a godparent are spiritual ones. A godparent is to see that the child is educated in his religion. Godparents should also make sure the child is confirmed when the time comes. Godparents should also take an active interest in the child's life. This includes being there for holidays, birthdays, graduations, and any other special occasion in the child's life. Even if there is distance between the godparent and godchild, the godparent should always allocate time to visit the godchild. Gifts given by the godparent should be spiritual ones so that they can enhance the child's spiritual education. One thing that a person must be aware of is that the godparent is not financially responsible for the child. Nor or they required to adopt the child if the parents should die.

Choosing a godparent could be a difficult decision for new parents. New parents want to make sure they chose people who will make sure their child is raised in the Catholic faith. When choosing a godparent there are strict requirements set forth by the Catholic Church along with strict responsibilities.

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