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Where to Get Free Music Videos


Music videos reach as far back as the 1920's but the modern ones we are talking about started to develop round about the 1980's. The real boom was when MTV was set up, providing around the clock music videos. Since then they have come a long way. In the beginning the main theme was the band playing the song, nowadays many music videos could qualify as short films, with the band playing the pivotal role.

MTV Alternatives

MTV was always a source of free music videos and still is. You can turn it on any time, almost anywhere in the world and watch your favorite videos. VH1 was also set up which provides an MTV alternative, and many local stations in countries have the same broadcast plan. Of course the drawback here is that you see the program, not what you want to watch. There are of course phone-in programs were you can ask for a clip, but options are, naturally, limited here.

MTV Online

The growth of the internet has brought about a lot of change in that department. MTV itself has a website that contains a lot of music videos, you can watch them for free on a service called MTV overdrive although you do have to go through some video ads beforehand which can be very frustrating. If you live outside the US you might also feel a bit bad when after a minute of ads you get "copyright laws restrict us from playing this video outside the US".


AOL's AOL Music is also a source of free music videos although much like MTV this is also ad-supported. It provides some cool features like listening to full albums earlier and so on. AOL also has a movie database so you are welcome to browse through that two, and any links between the two will be shown on both.


The recent upstart and boom of YouTube also provides music videos.  A bit worse quality but easy search options and a large database means you should find whatever you're looking for. There are also many live performances so if you're into that this is probably a good place to look, for the more famous bands you are sure to find some.

Google Video

YouTube's biggest rival was probably Google video which works in much the same way as YouTube. Google has since acquired YouTube, making Google the king of online video.  Search and find what you're looking for. Google also has some paying services, but there is plenty of free content too, so don't be afraid to go and look.

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