Free Internet TV

Where to Find Free Internet TV

There are a host of places you can go to get the best of free internet TV. If you are looking for new, full feature films you shouldn't be thinking in terms of free TV, but you can get good programming in this sector too.

Live Cams

Live webcams are one source of free TV. In fact a new "channel" is the new fad. Justin has a small camera on his head all day, every day. On the toilet, on a date, everywhere. Just go to and watch him real time. It's internet reality TV history!

There are a number of interesting things to see through live cam, other than Justin. Livemore's Centennial Light Live Cam won't keep you attached to your screen for hours, but is an interesting phenomenon. A light bulb is shown, all day, every day. Why? It is 106 years old and still working. Check it out at Livemore's Centennial Light.

Video Share

Sites like Youtube, Google Video and so on share great videos, if you are looking for live performances, cool experiments, funny videos, documentaries it is the place to go. Totally free, you can also share your experience and offering a wide range of features youtube is the best, but there are a lot of emerging ones out there too. Be on the lookout.

Video Blogs

Video blogs are an offspring of real blogs, but they offer the blogger more freedom in expression. They can take on a variety of forms, from substituting blog posts, to being documentaries on the theme of the blog. They are very closely related to podcasts, but on film

TV Channels

When connection bandwidths enabled it many radios decided to include an online version of their programing. This is essentially the same as normal programing, but received through your cable or DSL connection. Now that we have come a long way in terms of bandwidth TV can do the same. Many national and international TV stations broadcast their programs in two forms. YOu can usually watch the live feed, ie.: what is being broadcast right now, or you can watch some past issues of programs. wwiTV is a wonderful site with over 2400 TV programs listed from Angola to Costa Rica. It is one of the most comprehensive TV guides, I haven't really even tried to use another site.


The great part of watching a TV channel on your PC or laptop is that you can watch anywhere you are and you have internet access. It doesn't matter if you go into another room, or you go to another country. As long as you have internet access you'll be fine. Some people also work while watching the TV, having your favorite channel in a small window is great. This option also enables you to escape if you're children want to watch cartoons and you want to watch ESPN.


If you're looking to substitute your TV for internet TV this is the way to go, although you have to make some compromises. While bandwidth is wide nowadays it is still not enough. streaming TV programing is usually in a small box, nowhere near full screen. The time will come, but it's still a long way away.
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