Flash Games

What are Flash Games?

These are the annoying, yet addictive games that sometimes flash up on your screen just when you are busy doing something else. Mostly they can be a lot of fun and once you get into them they can become addictive. They are free and fun and new games are being added on the many flash games sites all the time.  If you are not careful and find your mind drifting off at work, these games can help you occupy time during the day and get you really off track from your everyday tasks.  They can be found on many websites and easily minimized without your supervisor catching you playing these games.

There are literally thousands of games that can be played online. There are action games, sports games, adventure, arcade, skill, puzzles and more.  There are card games, multi player games, kids games as well.

Because they are played directly from the server if there are a lot of people on that server at any one time the games will run very slow and the experience will not be as much fun. Also while you are playing it is constantly uploading and downloading info to your computer so you are using greater bandwidth while playing than a download game would. This is the same as if you are trying to download other things at the same time yo are playing the game Download casino games offer better protection for the player by using a more secure connection type with the server the casino is on. There is also a better choice of game in a download casino than a flash casino, plus with download you can switch from game to game much quicker. In flash games you need to stop your connection and click to open another game.
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