The Hottest Browser Beast on the Web - Firefox

Firefox, the newest Web browser, has quickly become a common installation on thousands of computers across the country. While Firefox may not have all of the features of its competitors, users appreciate it's simple navigational system and its compatibility with many other bookmarking programs. Mac users especially love Firefox because it is a move away from the traditional Microsoft-based browsing applications. What's more: Firefox was developed by a young teenager. Here are some bits of information about Firefox that can help you use the software more efficiently.

How to Find It

You can quickly and easily locate Firefox on your computer by looking for the icon that looks like a globe with a fiery fox tail around it. The icon will usually sit on the desktop or in the start up tray at the bottom of your screen. Clicking on the icon will load the software, just like any other Web browsing application.


Firefox functions like just about every other Web browser, except it is far more simple. When you open the Firefox browser, you will notice that the toolbar has only a few options. Among these options are the Forward, Back, Home and Refresh options. Additionally, there are many sister software packages that you can install to be compatible with Firefox, such as You will also notice that the Firefox browser comes with a friendly How-to or Getting Starting button as well as a section for the Latest Headlines. The Latest Headlines are customizable RSS news-feeds that come from a multitude of news sources.

Using Firefox

Using Firefox is very simple. Because there are not a lot of buttons to navigate through, you literally only have to type in a Web domain into the browser window. Firefox also supports Google. You'll notice that when you first open Firefox, the home-page is a Firefox/Google search page. You can change this landing page using the Edit menu. The Google search option will always stay in the toolbar of your Firefox software, enabling you to quickly and easily perform any Internet search without having to first load the Google home-page.

Firefox has risen very quickly to be one of the most popular Internet browsers available on the market. The marketing has been rather grass-roots, leaving Firefox users to tell one another about how much they appreciate the software package. If you would like to use Firefox, the download and installation process is very quick and easy. Also, keep in mind that Firefox and Google are partners, so Google will always be no more than one click away.

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