Family Coat of Arms

Family Coat of Arms for Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

What is a Family Coat of Arms?

A family coat of arms is a historic visualization that represented the specific family. Just like a country’s coat of arms, these images were unique to each family. Furthermore, the sayings, dates, colors, animals, plants, flowers, and other items used in creating a coat of arms for a family has a special meaning. Typically, a coat of arms will date back to hundreds of years. In the Middle Ages, knights proudly displayed their coats of arms on their armor. In most instances, their coat of arms was the only way that the individual was recognized, since the knights were hidden under a massive bulk of metal armor. Most families have a coat of arms, it is just up to you to find the specific image that is associated with your family.

Where to Find a Coat of Arms?

Before you develop your own family coat of arms, consider researching your family’s history. In many instances, you may find different arms for different branches of your family tree. By doing genealogical research into your background and ancestors, you are sure to find some evidence of a historic coat of arms that is meant for your family. This research used to be tedious and difficult, but thanks to the appearance of the World Wide Web, the job of searching is a great deal easier. Instead of digging through musty books and fragile records, you can find out about your family’s history by simply clicking your way through cyberspace. Another alternative is to find a company that specializes in coats of arms. Many of these companies have a huge storage bank of coats of arms. You simply provide the name and origination of your family and they will probably have the appropriate coat of arms on hand.

Yet another alternative in the quest to find a family coat of arms is to make one yourself. This is a fantastic idea for families with children, as it allows the child’s imagination to run wild while still learning about their ancestors. Many popular designers and fashion houses have used coats of arms that were created along with their company, so this option is available to anyone with imagination, talent, and the appropriate tools.

What to Do with a Coat of Arms?

Once you have a coat of arms, you may be wondering what to do with the image. Historically, coats of arms were hung, painted, etched, inlaid, and woven into anything under the sun. Doors of coaches belonging to rich families had a painted coat of arms, as did front doors, fireplaces, walls, necklaces, rugs, and sometimes even the home itself. For a modern twist on an old classic, consider using your family coat of arms as an image for your next tattoo. Bring the image into your garden and create a floral coat of arms using living flowers. Take the image to a custom embroidery shop and have your coat of arms sewn onto any article of clothing. The sky is the limit when it comes to what to do with your new coat of arms.

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