Advantages and Disadvantages of DSL

DSL is one of the most popular technologies in the world of internet. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to DSL.

Advantages of DSL

1.This is one of the least expensive options for internet connectivity. Accompanying line charges offered by the various companies are also reasonable.

2.This service is independent from its associate services. Even if your cable company's amplifier is out of order, you can still have access to your internet. Even if there is a loss of high speed data, you won't lose your telephone service.

3.DSL is high bandwidth which provides a better and faster service.

4.This is a relatively secure technology. You can feel safe if you use DSL. Each subscriber will be configured so that no two users will be on the same network. Because of this, it can be a better option than cable modems. In cable modem networks, all computers are on the same network and prone to hacking.

5.DSL can be easily attached to WAN technology, ATM and N x 64

Disadvantages of DSL

1.If you frequently change your residence, then DSL technology in not an economical option for you. The DSL modem is designed for area- specific use. You are required to buy new equipment whenever you change your ISP.

2.This option may be comparatively cheaper than a few others but, in general, it can be a more costly option for many potential customers, costing more than $25 per month for internet access. Be sure to factor in the installation charge and the cost of the modem.  You'll want to shop around to know all the prices.

3.You need to understand that DSL equipment is highly distance-sensitive. How well it works is affected by distance to the DSL access multiplexor. The service can work up to a distance of about 18,000 feet from the multiplexor.

4.The network of the DSL is not very dense. It is still unreachable in the rural market as it is not profitable for the telecom companies to establish DSLAMs in most rural areas.

5.The DSL modems are available in a limited number, so at times you may find it difficult to get one.

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