Domain Name Registration

Domain Name Registrations: What You Need to Know

Do you have a business website and want to register a domain name? Here is a guide to understanding domain name registration services and some tips for selecting the right service for you.

Domain name registrars (sometimes called DNRs) all provide a similar service in purchasing the rights to a domain name. Typically, you will not purchase outright ownership, but will be able to do something more along the lines of buying the right to use the domain name for a specified period of time. Most domain name registrars are competitive with each other as far as price is concerned. Domain name registrars are very similar in the product they're offering, and therefore price is usually the most important thing that people looking to register a domain name are interested in.

In order to differentiate themselves, most DNRs offer additional services, such as:

  • Domain protection and transfers. You can be notified when your term of ownership is over so that you will be able to renew it in a timely manner, and you can transfer from one domain name to another by paying new domain fees. You can also be put on a "waiting list" and be notified if the domain name you are interested in becomes available.
  • Website hosting services. Several DNRs can upload your web pages to their servers, including hosting with e-commerce capabilities so that you can conduct business transactions on the Internet.
  • Search engine submission. DNRs can submit your domain name to several search engines so that more customers can find your website on the Internet. They can also help set up advertising on search engines.
  • "Whois" link. DNRs can check "Whois" (who is), a public database that tells users who or what company already owns a particular domain name of interest, for you.
  • Domain email. Your DNR should have the ability to allow you to create and receive emails at your domain name (someone can send an email to you at The DNR can protect your individual identity on Whois, so that you do not receive spam to your web address. They might also be able to help you set up email advertising.

These are just some features domain name registrars can provide for you when you complete a domain name registration. Ask some of your trusted business colleagues or partners about which domain name registrars have worked for them, do some comparison shopping, and you're well on your way to registering your own domain name!

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