Diamonds, Not Just a Girl's Best Friend

The cliches about diamonds abound, but diamond jewelry will never go out of style and will always be prized for it's unsurpassed beauty, and it's position as a status symbol. Diamonds will always be sought as the number one choice for engagement and wedding jewelry, and for good reason.

Diamonds have long been a symbol of timelessness, purity, beauty, durability and enduring love. With that description, it is no wonder that diamonds adorn engagement rings and other diamond jewelry such as anniversary bands, to represent our most important commitments to each other.

Known as being the hardest substance on earth, diamonds are described as cold, hard, and glittering. In ancient times, and even today, diamonds attributed magical healing powers and the ability to give luck to the wearer.

In ancient days, diamonds were carried by warriors and considered an amulet to protect them from danger. People have even attached specific healing properties and powers to certain colors of diamond jewelry. Clear diamonds were believed not only to represent pure and long lasting love, but to increase it. Black diamonds are believed by some to build sincerity and self-esteem.

For maintaining good health, the individual should wear blue diamond jewelry, and to enhance and enrich creative thinking, pink diamonds are in. Finally, for careful thinking and cautious behavior, we are encouraged to wear yellow diamonds. Now, whether or not you believe these theories is up to you, but they certainly are fun to think about!

No discussion of diamond jewelry can be complete without a little mention of the four c's. They are the cornerstones for choosing and assessing quality of diamonds. All diamonds are judged by their cut, clarity, carats and color. Simply put, diamonds with the best cuts sparkle and dance in the light, and they are more valuable. Clarity refers to the internal flaws or perfection of the diamond itself. If you can see an inclusion, the diamond is less valuable. Inclusions that are microscopic don't really matter, as they don't affect the appearance of the diamond - but could reduce the cost. Carats refers specifically to the weight of the diamond. And finally, clear or colorless diamonds are generally the most prized of all.

Whatever the occasion, you can't go wrong with diamond jewelry. It is beautiful set in yellow gold, white gold, platinum or silver. Diamonds are the perfect compliment to pearls and other gemstones, as they enhance the colors and beauty of everything around them. Whether you wear them to ward off evil, or as a symbol of love, you can't go wrong with beautiful diamond jewelry.

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