Cosmetic Dentist

Use Cosmetic Dentistry for a More Beautiful Smile

Recent advances in dental technology have made visiting a cosmetic dentist easier than ever. There's no reason to put up with missing teeth, crooked teeth, stains, or other conditions that make your mouth less than beautiful to behold. With a few simple procedures your dentist can beautify your smile quickly and easily.

There are four main cosmetic dentistry procedures that are commonly done:

Bridges – sometimes called false teeth, or fixed partial dentures, bridge technology has come a long way in the past few years. It is now easier than ever correct missing teeth with the use of a removable or fixed bridge. A fixed bridge is the insertion of false teeth, made out of an extremely authentic-appearing alloy material, where the missing teeth once were. Unlike a removable bridge, a fixed bridge is a permanent addition to your mouth. An implant bridge is placed directly under the gum line or fixed permanently to the jawbone.

Braces – although every 13-year-old has nightmares about these orthodontic contraptions, braces can greatly improve the condition of one's mouth, turning a once crooked and misaligned mouth into something beautiful. A cosmetic dentist does not perform orthodontic procedures such as attaching braces, but your dentist will be able to recommend a reliable orthodontist in your local area.

Crowns – a crown is just like what it sounds, it is a cap that sits on top of your teeth. Unlike bridges, which replace teeth which are absent entirely, a crown is used to fix a tooth that is broken or partially broken. Crowns can also be used to attach bridges when direct attachment to the jaw is undesirable. Your dentist will make a mold of the remainder of the tooth, and than cast the top of the mold in the shape desired for the outside of the tooth. This 'cap' is then attached to the remaining piece of the tooth with a very strong dental epoxy.

Veneers – for people with teeth that are permanently stained, crooked, gapped or discolored, a veneer may be the perfect solution to correct the problem. A veneer is a small, custom-fit shell that fits over the front of your teeth. This material is made out of tooth-colored materials and is designed to fit directly over the top of your teeth and attach with a dental epoxy. Veneers are great solutions when traditional stain removal and tooth whitening procedures won't do the trick.

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